My two weeks experience with Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake

The first time I learnt about Nutribuddy was nearly two years ago when I was starting a weight-loss journey…  At the time I was offered their summer body kit for review. It was the last summer before I got pregnant and I was on a mission to get in the best possible shape. I was really happy with their shake as you can see from my amazing results. Naturally, getting back to healthy fit, and being happily married, lead to my hubby and I deciding to add a new member to our family 🙂

Nutribuddy breakfast oats blend - making a shake

My 6 months postpartum body

Fast forward two years and here I am now – in a completely different place mentally and physically. During the pregnancy I gained 2 stones (12 kg). Most of them were gone by the 6th month postpartum – breastfeeding and eating right did the job for me. But there was just that last bit of chubbiness around the tummy area that I wanted to get rid of (too much ice-cream, I must admit).

I was happy to discover that Nutribuddy had a whole new range of products to chose from. I went on to try the 14-day Breakfast shake.

Nutribuddy Breakfast shake

Nutribuddy Breakfast shake is a nutritious blend of organic oats, seeds and coconut, blended into powder and perfect for a breakfast on the go. It’s not only suitable for vegans, but it’s also gluten-free, soy-free, egg-free, sugar-free and high in fibre!

With my baby girl having an egg allergy and me still breastfeeding her, I’m on a strict egg-free diet. It doesn’t sound as difficult as a lactose-free diet (as lactose intolerance is more frequent than egg allergy in babies), but I really struggle with it. I normally have a protein heavy breakfast and not being able to add eggs to the first meal of the day, is a real challenge for me. I can’t even tell you what a life-saver Nutribuddy Breakfast shake is!

Part of a healthy diet

I still do my best to follow one of the main rules I learnt from the Body Confidence Program back in the summer of 2016 – to have breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up. If I don’t have time to make anything for myself, than the Nutribuddy Breakfast shake comes in super handy. On the mornings when I’m making the same breakfast for baby and for myself (follow my Instagram stories), than the oats shake comes in as a meal replacement when I’m out and about pushing the pram through the city.

I eat 4-5 times a day various of healthy foods and Nutribuddy Breakfast shake replaces one of those meals for me – either breakfast or lunch. I use organic fresh cows milk to make it, but if you want to go totally vegan, you can use plant based milk instead. The shake blend is very delicious and nutritious and it is very good at keeping the hunger away.

Once you make a purchase through the website, you will receive an e-book full of healthy recipes and cool ideas on how to use your favourite Nutribbudy shake.

Nutribuddy recipe book Nutribuddy shaker bottle and glass jar Nutribuddy breakfast snake

What to expect

You can’t expect miracles by replacing one meal for the day if you don’t work for it, but if you give yourself an achievable goal, than Nutribuddy Breakfast shake can definitely help you reach it.

It’s still impossible for me to get to the gym, as my baby girl is with me all the time and I have no other care-giver. What I do instead of exercising is walking – I go out with the pram and walk a lot every day. Moving around daily keeps my metabolism high. The organic breakfast shake gives me the perfect blend of organic proteins, healthy fibre and just the right amount of carbohydrates for energy.

Nutribuddy breakfast shake review

How to order

At the time I ordered my first glass jar I picked Vanilla flavour with crunchy flaxseeds and coconut flakes. Now you can chose your preferred flavour – strawberry, vanilla, chocolate or unsweetened, in two styles – with the crunchy seeds and flakes, or the super smooth version with Matcha green tea.

The smallest quantity one can order is 14-day, but you can safe if you order 28 or even 56 day supply. If you subscribe to a 3 or more shipment plan, you will save up to 25% and you will get a free gift from Nurtibuddy!

Order Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake here


Now I’m off to order my next refill pack in a super smooth strawberry flavour with Matcha green tea. Sounds so good, doesn’t it?! 🙂



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