Unforgettable honeymoon tour ideas

Your honeymoon is going to be one of the best getaways of your life and you want to choose the perfect place, or tour, that ticks all of your boxes. As you celebrate your love after your wedding day, your honeymoon is set to be filled with special moments.

Choosing your tour and chosen destination carefully is a must. You may also want to choose something a little less obvious but twice as epic as most honeymoon plans. For example, the Trans-Siberian express tours will take you anywhere from Europe to places such as Paris, China, Korea and Southeast Asia.

If you are looking for an adventurous honeymoon, this tour across the world by train is one of the most romantic things you can do. However, let me list several ideas for you to chose the best that suits you as a couple.

Honeymoon morning in bed

The Trans-Siberian tour

You can embark on a magical, romantic journey through the heart of Russia and end up journeying to China. You will have a range of travel choices such as basic and luxury so you can choose according to your budgets and taste.

A honeymoon cruise

Touring the Caribbean Islands and taking a cruise along the serene oceans can be a stunning way to spend your honeymoon. It’s an exciting choice that allows you to see a number of places and get that variety all in one trip. As you gaze at stunning sunsets, you will be enjoying romantic dinners and dances or exploring stop-off points that will get you the honeymoon of a lifetime.

Gran tour through America

A Road-Trip across America

Driving down some of the most beautiful roads in the world can be an epic way to spend a honeymoon. If you and your partner are the “get up and go kinda” people, you will love this option. Drive through long open roads, explore the cities, stop off wherever you feel like and get a real feel for the country.

Even though I said America, you can embark on road trips through Europe like my husband and I did, or Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other stunning countries. Whether you want to camp under the stars or rock up at a 5-star hotel for the night, it’s up to you to decide on what gives you butterflies and romance.

Backpacking in your chosen destination

If you and your partner wish to take a trip on the wild side and don’t have a big budget, backpacking is an awesome idea. It gives you a chance to save money and occasionally splash out when you want to indulge.

I hope I managed to give you a taste of what your future honeymoon tour could be like. Whatever route you choose, make sure it incorporates your best ideas and the rest will take care of itself.


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