Vegetarian BBQ Party

This week I organized the first BBQ party in our little garden 🙂

We decided to do it as a fully vegetarian grill with some fish, so I can invite a few of my lovely vegetarian girlfriends and have a funny night in. Of course, we had one man to keep an eye on us, so we don’t get too loose 😛

All the bits from the menu came nearly at the last minute and I wasn’t certain about everything. Everyone had a list of product to buy, so we can cook together. As you can see on the list, I didn’t know what fish I’d find, so I only put FISH. Luckily, my man found exactly what I wanted from the Dalston market – mackerel.

We had a very funny evening, lots of laughter, nice music and full tummies (well, for some of us ready-to-explode tummies)! 🙂

Sorry, I couldn’t take a picture of everything… things disappeared way too quickly 😛