Vivid Drinks – unsweetened Matcha green tea on the go

A mind with focus and energy can achieve anything. Whilst others obsess with physical health, Vivid Drinks promote clarity, focus and cognitive performance.

Sugar in energy drinks is proven to negatively impact the brain. Vivid Drinks provides the alternative – unsweetened Matcha green tea. “If you’re an entrepreneur, a creative, or a student in the library, we want you to #thinkvivid” says James Shillcock, founder of Vivid Drinks.

Why is Matcha so good?

Matcha green tea has been used for centuries in Japan by royalties and monks to help with focus and concentration during meditation. Matcha is simply pure, high-grade green tea leaves that have been picked and ground into a fine powder. This powder is blended straight into Vivid drinks to give you all the nutritional benefits in a highly concentrated form.

Matcha green tea contains natural caffeine and L-Theanine. Caffeine boosts cognition, energy and metabolism, whilst L-Theanine supports a calm, relaxed mind.

Vivid Drinks unsweetened range

Powered by organic Matcha green tea from Japan, every carton contains natural caffeine and L-Theanine to help busy brains stay sharp without the negative impact on brain performance sugar has. Vivid Drinks is 100% unsweetened.

The range includes natural Matcha green tea, flavoured with lemon or elderflower. There is no fat, sugar or carbs in any of these bottles. See full nutritional information.


Enjoying Vivid Matcha green tea Vivid Drinks - unsweetened Matcha green tea on the go

My thoughts

I drink lots of filtered water daily and a variety of green teas. I don’t like sweet drinks at all, so I’m quite used to the Matcha green tea taste. The only reason I don’t drink regular Matcha too often is because it takes a while to prepare: you need special tools to whisk the powder and to then add it to water or milk, or blend it into your smoothie.

When I found Vivid Drinks, I was really happy that they fitted in with my busy schedule. They are ready to drink on the go, only needing to be chilled beforehand. The packaging is very nice and modern, plus the small carton boxes easily fit in a handbag.

You can see the colour of the drink on the pictures below. You need to shake well before you open, so you don’t leave the sediment at the bottom of the box.

The lemon Matcha has a light zesty flavour which makes it very refreshing on a hot day; the elderflower reminds me a lot of nectar, but without the sweetness; whilst the natural Matcha simply tastes of green tea, but a high quality one which has no bitter aftertaste.

It’s the perfect way to enjoy your diary-free, sugar-free and fat-free caffeine fix on the go!

Vivid Matcha green tea - colour of the drink Vivid Matcha green tea elderflower Vivid Matcha green tea lemon Vivid Matcha green tea nutural Vivid Drinks - unsweetened matcha brainbox

Where to find?

Supporting bright minds, Vivid unsweetened Matcha can be found at Selfridges, Nisa, Waitrose, Planet OrganicHolland & Barrett, Amazon and lots of independent stores.

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