6 Ways to update your wardrobe for the new year

Mistletoe, christmas pudding, fireworks and lots of holiday cheer… these are the things we love most about the season that heralds the New Year. But let’s be honest, what we love even more than any of these things are the fabulous new seasons fashions!

‘Tis the time to get shopping with these 6 ways to update your wardrobe for 2018.

Hot foot it

Sexy boots and luxe heels. Need we say more? When it comes to new season style, it’s all in the way you strut your stuff. Whether studded, laced, or thigh high, with these womens heels you’ll think all your Christmases have come at once. Despite the chilly weather, things are only set to get hotter with boots that can take even a simple sweater and jeans combo up a major notch into babetown, population numero uno.

Cashmere - New Year wardrobe update

Make yourself (cashmere) comfy

Nothing quite spells luxury than a swathing of cashmere, whether it takes the form of cardigan, jacket, pashmina or any other wardrobe staple. The start of 2018 may bring some bitter temperatures, but with a even little bit of this fine fabric pressed against your skin, you’ll be feeling warm and fuzzy – minus an eggnog induced headache!

An updated incarnation in the new season will see this classic textile pared back to perfection in designs that form a veritable study in simplicity.

Get plaid

Invest in a bit of business attire (that can also look equally good with a pair of jeans) with good ol’ plaid. Plaid need not be boring. It too can bring the ‘tude with a fair dose of swagger and generous lashings of sassy appeal.

Case in point: Victoria Beckham. It’s all in how you wear it, and a plaid blazer or coat is just so versatile. Worn up or down, it’s ole ye faithful in sartorial format. This season get yourself plaid – with a modern twist.

Plaid - New Year wardrobe update

Just you go on and sparkle

Just what on earth is embellished hosiery? What we are talking about are glittery stockings – and, boy are they a big new season trend. Baubles and shiny things aren’t just for the Christmas Tree, they can adorn your pins equally well.

They look fantastic paired with a LBD and luxe heels. They will keep you looking glam, without you having to freeze off your poor tootsies!

Grin and beret it

Berets are back in a full scale revolution. We’ve seen this piece of headgear raise the fashion flag via Christian Dior, and Gucci has also joined the ranks. The beret can be a little bit cute (even if a little bit communist). Great for learned types (or, those that want to look the part), the beret is having a moment once again. Fashion forward comrades rejoice!

Beret - New Year wardrobe update

Slay like a (medieval) goddess

If you’re having serious Game of Thrones withdrawals then we do understand. The next best thing might come in the form of chainmail fashion and accessories. We have seen Versace, Paco Rabanne and numerous other designers embrace this trend – and, it looks set to continue strongly into 2018.

Kendall Jenner made this big and we all know, where a Kardashian spawn goes, others do follow. Albeit, this look may not be for everyone. In any case, chainmail will certainly give frosty the snowman a run for his money in the cold and sparkly department (and Daenerys and all of her dragons into the bargain).

There you have it: 6 ways to update your wardrobe for 2018 this holiday season. Christmas and the New Year are all about celebrating and treating yourself to a bit of rest and relaxation, and a touch of the finer things in life. So, be sure to pop some of the above items on your wish list. Whether you’ve been naughty or you’ve been nice, every girl deserves some indulgence this season.

Photo credit: 1. Emilia Wickstead. Image: Getty 2. Harper’s Bazaar 3. Elle 4. Elle



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