How you can plan weddings for a living

With so much hype around love, and finding unique ways of professing it, what’s better than a wedding? Gathering your friends and family around to celebrate you and the special person you’re going to go through life with, is a pretty exceptional way, if you ask me. Fortunately, the bride and groom aren’t the only ones that celebrate the special day, making the wedding organization a serious business.

Planning the dream wedding

The dream wedding

Planning a wedding isn’t easy, and the job person in charge of doing that has changed over the years. Where before the custom called for the bride’s family to pay for it, and the ceremonies used to be small and private, after Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s televised wedding in 1981, everybody wanted the same wedding for themselves. After that wedding, the business flourished, and wedding planners (like the ones in the movies) have become a real thing; just better.

Wedding planner

And just like a wedding planners in the movies, the real-life ones get to live that extravagant life too. Not only are they continuously attending parties, but they also get to be a principal part of one of the best days in a person’s life. A wedding planner’s career and reputation improves the more weddings he/she plans. With a salary that starts off averagely, the more you plan, the more you’ll earn. And because wedding planners tend to (hopefully) only organize one wedding per couple, an important aspect to the job is word of mouth. If one bride is happy with her wedding, you can be sure she will tell her bride-to-be friends to call the same planner.

Wedding planners can reach the point in earning a mid-six figure amount per year once they assert themselves in the business. And in order to do so, a great amount of dedication and passion are of the utmost importance. In fact, those that think wedding planning is a piece of cake are fundamentally wrong. Being a wedding planner means you need to be committed to your craft, and not just in it for the financial income.

Skills of a wedding planner

How to start professionally?

In order to better your craft as a beginner-wedding planner, choosing where to start off is of paramount importance. As a career field, event planning is a full commitment job. Starting off in London might look like the best option, but actually often it can prove to be rather difficult, as the competition for wedding planner jobs is quite tough. This doesn’t mean you have to move to the country. Do a thorough search on job-search aggregators, this will provide you with a good overview of all wedding-planning job openings in the city or area you are interested in, and it might turn out that there are more jobs available in Birmingham than in London for example. Your first job will help you to build your experience, making it a great way to make a name for yourself, and learn the craft better.

Skills of a wedding planner

Due to the wedding market continuously evolving and brides wanting their day to be perfect, a wedding planner never stops learning. Starting off small, to then one day open up one’s own business takes time and effort. Not only does a wedding planner have to be quick on his/her feet, and patient, but probably most important of all, he/she must never forget that they are organizing a day that the bride has looked forward to most of her life; so her expectations of perfection are lifelong. Attention to detail, a calm demeanour, and a caring personality are also great traits for an aspiring wedding planner. And other than being extremely rewarding, planning weddings also means that parties, cake, and dancing, are pretty much what you do for a living; not too bad, I think.

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