What your desk says about you?

Are you a well organised person or you are more efficient surrounded by chaos? Do you match colours and shapes or you use souvenirs to remind you of things? What kind of order do you use? Do you scratch paper notes around you or everything is saved in your mind?

On the Entrepreneur blog are listed a few things which you might have on your desk and reveal something about you.

Well, as a freelance designer since… since I can remember I’ve always been working at home or in my own office in most of my free time, even when I used to have a 9-6 day job. I remember once when I was still a student and had this party at home, a guy sneaked though the door of my bedroom and said: “OMG, you really have a programmer’s room!

I didn’t become a programmer, even though I studied for one, but followed my passion into graphic design. And as you have already guessed, I’m not a very tidy person when it comes to my own working space. I usually think of millions of things in the same time, work on variety of projects and keep at least a few books to scratch ideas, notes, draw layouts, etc. I’m full of fliers, cards, brochures, magazines and leaflets picked from random places – for inspiration, ideas where to go and what to see, or just to read interesting staff. All this turns too quickly to an inspirational mess!

I don’t know how it does it, but my desk has the ability to get messy in 2 days after I’ve just tided it up.

It’s not me, honestly! I think it’s just the nature of desks… ;))

Today I started with a muse for cleaning and sorting. I had a few handbags (where they came from?!) on top of a pile of magazines, train, bus, plane tickets… Right next to them was my schedule planner, colour books, glasses, a ring and a cat… Yes, it was time to sort this desk!

I started by putting things aside in folders and cleaning what I didn’t need any more.

I even found my old skipping rope! What was it doing on the desk?! I wondered where it was.

Now, when everything is gone, it’s time to spray the surface and make sure it’s clean.

As soon as I started putting things back on the desk, the cat sat down on top of them. She can never put herself on a plain surface – it has to be something softer, even if it’s just a piece of paper.

A bit of self motivation and a daily inspirational thoughts…

That’s it! Done. I can’t do better than this.

Let’s see how longs it’s gonna stay like this though.

How does your desk look like? I’m pretty sure it’s better than mine. I can’t hide it – my working places have always been a creative (hopefully) chaos.

I have one request: if you’re a better organized person, please tell me how you do it. I really want to know. Maybe a few tricks on how to keep it in lines for a few days longer would be very helpful. 🙂