When I first found I was going to have a daughter

Today I want to share with you some of those first thoughts that went through my head when I first found I was going to have a daughter. No, it’s not going to be one of those picture-perfect articles telling you that motherhood is smooth and easy like a Sunday morning. Although, my friend Lina from Photo Studio Joy definitely captured our afternoon walk on pictures oh so perfectly!

Motherhood is a rough journey and changes you a lot. And the transformation begins the moment you realise you’re going to be a mother.

mother and daughter in the park

When I knew the baby inside me was going to be a girl, I prayed. I prayed to the Most High for the qualities I wanted Him to bless her with…

I asked Him to make my daughter brave and strong-minded, rebellious to the common and stubborn enough to follow her dreams no matter what others thought. I wanted my girl to have a kind and loving heart, but also a curious nature, to be creative and adventurous. As a mom I wanted her to be a good person and to follow His commandments and that He will protect her on the path He’s given her.

The day she was born

My waters broke at 4am and about two hours later I woke up my husband, not that he was sleeping deep anyway. I walked into the hospital happy and content, expecting to have a normal birth. Well, I knew very little about what was coming ahead of me on that day.

About an hour after one of those machines was tuned to my huge belly to listen to the baby’s sounds all doctors and nurses rushed into my room. My daughter’s heart rate was going down to 20 or 30 beats per minute every time I felt a contraction. Despite me kicking for a normal birth my whole pregnancy, there was no time for negotiations and an emergency team was called in the hospital for a c-section.

A couple of hours later when I was recovering from the surgery, I was told that it was good the team arrived so quickly. The umbilical cord was twisted twice around the baby’s neck and there was no other way she could have been born. It was amazing to be submitted in the hospital early on a Sunday morning when most medical workers have a day off and a c-section to be held by the best team possible without a previous appointment. On the day I became a mother of a wonderful daughter I knew she was protected by the Most High.

A little boss lady

This little girl hasn’t stop amazing me with her rebellious spirit ever since. From a tiny baby she knew how to cry frightening all the neighbours. She might not always know how to get something, but she knows very well what she wants. She runs around, explores and tests boundaries every day, but she’s always ready to break the ice with one of her cute smiles. Even the toughest people who pass us by on the street go “Aaaw” when she smiles at them.

Sometimes when I see other babies I catch myself thinking “Why mine has never been this quiet?!” and then I remember I wanted her to be rebellious.

Lion heart

Being a mother of this young lady is not an easy journey and I’m learning every day. I know there is a lot more to come and a good night sleep is only a distant memory, but despite all the exhaustion, when I look at her I thank the Most High for answering my prayers. Wether she’s making a mess in front of the cupboard or sniffing a flower in the park, I know she’s a blessing. Being her mother is one of my sweetest and most challenging adventures.

Sometimes it’s not about “diving with sharks or throwing yourself out of planes” as Acacia Jewellery states, courage is about doing those small big things every day. As a mother, I often have difficult days, but I dust myself and keep on going 🙂

Playing with my daughter with a water fountain A cuddle between a mother and her daughter Playing mom and baby girl Little baby bum in a cute summer floral romper Smiling in the park with my baby girl a happy baby When it's time to go, mommy wearing culottes and a white tee baby with a cookie mom and baby girl, summer time white t-shirt and culotte pantsa baby sniffing flowers in the park minimalist summer outfit, Acacia jewellery bracelet

Outfit details

Culottes by JustFab
Flat mules by JustFab
Charm bracelet by Acacia Jewellery
Baby romper by Waikiki



Photographs by Photo Stdio Joy
Disclaimer: the bracelet used in the photo shoot has been gifted by Acacia Jewellery


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