When masks or how to use sheet masks to boost hydration levels of your skin

Sheet masks are a big phenomenon that started in Korea. As you know, I like treating myself with some great products which promise healthy hydration for my skin, and I love talking about it, obviously – see 4 thirty plus approved face masks.

Today I want to share with you my experience with a couple of sheet masks from When – the brand that took the world by storm starting in Korea and reaching to USA, Europe and the Middle East. Before that let’s make a point…

What are sheet masks?

Sheet masks are not the regular facial masks. Actually, they are only called so, because of their resemblance to the Phantom of the Opera kind of look. Traditional masks tend to cleanse the skin, exfoliate or tighten the pores. Sheet masks are doused in serum-based formula, packed with vitamins, minerals and other magical ingredients that help boost skin hydration.

“Sheet masks are very effective in delivering nutrients to the skin due to its close dermal contact. They are especially effective as they trap the formula on top of your skin, forcing the it to absorb the formula and seal in moisture (“occlusion”). Depending on the ingredients used in the formula, sheet masks typically provide intense hydration and nourishment, offering hassle-free application and instant results.”

J.C People Company Limited, who started When masks in Korea

When masks

When masks come in 5 variations. Each pack consists of one masks that needs to be used pretty much immediately after it has been open. Whenever your skin needs a boost, you can reach out for one of these masks, designed specifically for certain functions and usages – from refreshing to brightening, from deep hydration to makeup preparation, or even an evening replenishment.


What’s in the mask?

Each When mask sheet is infused with intensely hydrating, yet gentle, lightweight serum containing sodium hyaluronate (fine hyaluronic acid), ginseng extracts, and top quality effective ingredients and plant extracts to help keep the skin happy, healthy and glowing. All masks are Parabens and Benzophenone free.

How to use?

It’s pretty simply to use When masks. All you need is 30 minutes of your time and cleaned face. When you open the package, the mask has three layers. Remove the top paper and bottom plastic layer and apply the all-natural, coconut-derived bio-cellulose mask to your face as shown in the video. Any excess serum from the package can be spread onto the neck. No need to wash your face after you finish – the serum can be used as your daily moisturiser.

When mask package - dispose the top and bottom two layers

My thoughts

I will kindly safe you my look with a sheet mask on, but if you’re curious to see something like this – check celebrities wearing face masks on Instagram.

I use my When masks after cooling them in the fridge for about 5-10 minutes. Unlike clay or other regular masks that get really stiff and you can’t move your face, these are super gentle, so you can carry on preparing yourself, whilst having the mask on for 30 minutes. I love it that I don’t need to clean my whole face, hair or rinse anything – I just let the serum dry and I’m ready to go. It really leaves my skin very well hydrated, so no other face oil or cream is needed for the day.

Orange When mask - The last choice

Where to find?

You can find When masks in Birchbox, Selfridges and Topshop. You can also follow them on Instagram and tag your mask selfie with #whenmasksuk.

Have you used any of the When sheet masks before? Please, let me know in the comment section below which one is your favourite! 🙂




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