Why Body Slim Tea is good for you?

So what’s the fuss about BST Australia and why is it so good for you?

Let me start from the fact that I loved it so much, that immediately after my first pack was finished, I purchased another 2! Not only do I like it, but after the interest my previous blog post gained and the orders made with the code I gave to my readers, now I’m the Body Slim Tea Aus Official Ambassador for London!

All this means that you can order more tea with a $5 off and free shipping. Discount code at the bottom of this article 🙂

Why Body Slim Tea is good for you, Special discount promo code and free shipping - The Blog of one Balgarka.co.uk

I’m so excited and so happy!
Now let’s get to the point of this article.

What makes this cuppa tea so special?
Apart from the obvious that it comes in a pretty recycled paper package, it also tastes and does good to you.

It’s a unique blend of 100% organic and natural herbs, with no added preservatives. It uses green tea as a basis, while the apple and licorice give a milder taste. It also contains beal flowers, centella, yellow vine and curry leaves – all amazing antioxidants.

Let’s have a look at the back of the label:

Why Body Slim Tea is good for you, The back of the label with ingredients and benefits, Special discount promo code and free shipping - The Blog of one Balgarka.co.uk

I actually don’t follow the instructions that closely, because I normally make a whole tea pot with one bag and top it up with more water when it finishes. The tea bags are so good that they give really good flavour to at least 5-6 tea cups which I drink through the day.

How BST Aus helps me?

Let’s star with the bloating – my stomach gets super bloated in the evenings no matter what and when I eat. I’m used to the fact that I can’t wear tight bodycon dresses later in the day. Well, now I can! I didn’t believe that a tea can help out with this, but after a couple of days drinking it while eating healthy, of course, my bloats were gone!

Weight loss, metabolism and fat storage – as I previously mentioned I don’t sit around eating junk food waiting for wonders to happen, but in the same time I don’t go crazy in the gym. In fact, I exercise with my own equipment at home about 2-3 times a week.

Drinking the BST Aus, at first I noticed that while exercising, I was getting hungry enough not to miss a meal (because sometimes I’m too busy and do forget or delay it). Those annoying fat cells which we women store at certain places, started getting looser and thinner. My stomach muscles showed up a bit better… woo-woo! And I had more energy – getting up early, I want to make more exercises and move around, eat more green veg and became more creative at work. Definitely a sign of a metabolism improvement.

Why Body Slim Tea is good for you, Special discount promo code and free shipping - The Blog of one Balgarka.co.uk

While waiting for my new delivery from Australia, I bought green tea from a local company, but I wasn’t particularly pleased with the taste. I’m sure it is still a good antioxidant, but didn’t give me such a boost of energy.

So… when I go on my holiday, I know what I’ll be drinking on the beach with some ice 🙂

You can also purchase Body Slim Tea Australia with a $5 discount and free worldwide shipping – simply use this promo code at the checkout:

Tell me if yo have tried BST and what you think of it. I’d like to know if it has helped you as it did help me.

Fun bit: if you post a picture of yourself with your #bodyslimtea cup and tag @bodyslimteaofficial, they will most probably repost your photo to their 12K followers!