Winter escape to Wonderland – the inspiration you need now

There is no doubt! The Winter weather really is upon us. Snow has covered the streets with a soft white blanket and many of us are dreaming of a white Christmas. It’s a time to celebrate the cold!

Ever since I felt the cold air coming upon us, I caught myself dreaming for a winter escape somewhere in a mountain chalet surrounded by snow and clouds.

In the UK, people are forever complaining about the weather, but it is mild compared to some other countries. In Japan they have to create built-in storm shelters for their houses, and eskimos have to live in houses made of ice. Even if you’re not a winter lover, you can’t deny that there’s something magical about a roaring fire, a movie and a bowl of snacks.

To get you excited about the flurry of snowflakes outside, let me take you to my Winter Wonderand…

Cozy winter interior

Winter interiors

If I’m to chose where to go to right now, I’d take a chalet in the French Alps. A great way to unwind after a long day on the slopes is by relaxing close to the fireplace with a glass of mulled wine. An outdoor jacuzzi with a view to the mountains is a must. A cozy fringed blanket thrown over the softest duvet set in the bedroom, something in Julian Charles style. Scented candles scattered on the floor and roast dinner served by the window, thick curtains against stone brick… Have I got you dreaming of your next winter escape yet?

Winter escape wonderland

The outdoors

My dream chalet has a large slopping roof covered by heavy snow and looks up the mountain peaks. Fire logs are carefully arranged by the front door and ready to fill the chimney with cozy smoke. When the moon shows from behind the mountain, you feel as if you’re sitting at the edge of the world.

Ready to #EscapeForWinter? I hope I managed to inspire you for a travel. But even if I didn’t and you still prefer staying warm at the comfort of your home, see this downloadable book for some warm winter interiors inspired the houses you can find in places known for their harsh cold winters – from Canadian tipis to Japanese minkas.


Disclaimer: This is post was created in collaboration with a brand, but all thoughts are my own.



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