Everything you need to know about a winter wedding

There are many weddings in summer and spring, and it does make sense. Summer is warmer, you typically have more predictable weather, and you can go outside without needing to bundle up.

What summer weddings don’t have, however, is the pristine snow that makes everything magical. That is why when you want a winter wedding, you should go for it. They tend to be cheaper as well! When you are planning a winter wedding, however, there are a few things you need to know first.

Utterly romantic decorations

One of the best parts about having your wedding in winter is that you get all the romance, magic, and décor of the Christmas season. Christmas trees, beautiful manors, and the snow – what more could a wedding ask for? You also get to utilise all the cutest traditions of the holiday, like mistletoe. It’s the perfect time for a wedding, and also considered a slower season when compared to the summer wedding season rush.

Beautiful venue to stay indoors

When you do have a winter wedding, you need to forget about the chance of having a ceremony outside. Instead, find a beautiful venue that ticks all the boxes instead both inside and out. While the ceremony would be harsh to hold outdoors, wedding photos can be taken outside some of the most beautiful wedding venues in Cheltenham if there’s arches or even pavilions. Opt for a venue that provides package deals to get the best rates for your wedding.

Bride in a white room

Winter upgrades to your wedding dress

Winter is, of course, cold! That doesn’t mean you have to ruin your wedding attire. Instead, you just need to give it some winter updates. One of the cutest ways to stay warm in your dress this winter is with a wedding cape. Other options include winter muffs, perhaps some leggings to wear hidden underneath your dress when you’re outside, and so on.

Winter wedding decorating

Winter decorations often go one of two ways. They either bring the cold in with white décor and delicate glass that mimic the snow and ice of a stunning winter wonderland, or they cosy up and bring the warmth to life. Whatever you choose, make sure it suits you and your budget. Similarly, you could also utilize the Christmas theme. If your wedding plans stretch far enough, you could, for instance, buy some stunning Christmas decorations once they go on sale after the Christmas season, and then use them to decorate your wedding, and then the home you and your new spouse build together.

Winter wedding with snow

Safety tips

Though your venue should handle the challenges of winter safety on their property, it’s better to be safe than sorry. That is why having road salt, checking weather conditions, and even having a backup generator and lights can go a long way to ensuring you and your guests will be safe and happy.

The UK might not get snow often, but it does happen, and a white winter wedding is an absolute dream come true. Consider a December or January wedding and say ‘I do’ in the romantic, frosty atmosphere this time of the year has to bring.


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.



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